Member Yelena Yermakova

Dr. Yelena Yermakova works in political philosophy. She is interested in the governance of international spaces such as the Polar regions, the deep seabed, atmosphere, and outer space. Specifically, her research focuses on which institutions should govern these spaces and what makes these institutions legitimate. Recent publications include: Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty System: is it time for a reform?, The Arctic: Press, Policy and the Arctic Council; and she is co-author of Antarctica's Gateways and Gatekeepers: Polar scenarios in a polarising Anthropocene (Frame, B., Yermakova, Y., Flamm, P., Nicklin, G., De Paula, G., Badhe, R., & Tunez, F., 2021, The Anthropocene Review), and Antarctica’s possible new world order (with Dr. Germana Nicklin).