Member Ricardo Roura

Ricardo Roura PhD is an expert in the protection of the environment and human heritage in the polar regions. His goal is to keep Antarctica natural and the Antarctic Treaty System doing the right thing. His role in this process is to provide advice on the governance and politics of the Antarctic. Some recent publications include: Roura, R. (2021) “Antarctic time travel: The environment Protocol”. Antarctic Affairs, Bilingual publication. Volume VIII 2021 / Year VII, pp 5-22, 2021; Frame, B, Liggett, D, Lindström, K, Roura, R. & van der Watt, LM (2021) “Tourism and heritage in Antarctica: Exploring cultural, natural and subliminal experiences”, Polar Geography; Capurro, A., Colleoni, F., Downey, R., Pakhomov, E., Roura, R. & Christianson A. (2021). Climate Change and Southern Ocean Resilience. Report from an Interdisciplinary Scientific Workshop,  March 30, 2021. Polar Perspectives 5, June 2021. Washington DC: Wilson Center Polar Institute. 23pp.